Private Label Dog Ear Cleaner Solution

Private Label Dog Ear Cleaner Solution


Is it time to find a new dog ear cleaner solution manufacturer?

Matsun Nutrition provides private label contract manufacturing of dog ear cleaner solutions.  We are a national pet supplement and liquid vitamin manufacturer with many years of experience.  As a full service pet supplement contract manufacturer, we can supply private labeling for dog ear cleaner stock formulations we have on hand, along with custom liquid supplement formulations to meet your specific client needs.  We also provide free custom designs and logos for all your bottle labels!

Our dog ear cleaning solution is a safe and effective aid in maintaining good hygiene for your dogs ears.   These liquid ear cleaner solutions are good for deodorizing and cleansing the dog’s ears and are designed for use after bathing or swimming.  We also manufacture other important dog supplements, including dog glucosamine.  Contact us today.  Let’s keep all of our pets happy!

Matsun Nutrition strictly complies with FDA guidelines for dog ear cleaning solution manufacturers. We are a cGMP certified facility, NSF compliant and NASC certified. We pride ourselves in running a clean and compliant facility which allows our clients to feel confident in our ability to provide an excellent product. All of our pet supplements and solutions are manufactured here in the USA.

Dog Ear Solution Product Fact

Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Boric Acid, Gentian Violet, Colloidal Silver

Indications: Specially formulated solution to clean, dry, and deodorize the ear canal.

Directions for Use: Shake Well. Hold ear open. Pour solution into ear and fill canal. Put cotton ball into ear to absorb excess solution and prevent staining. Massage ear, then remove cotton ball. Repeat for other ear. If necessary, liquid can be applied directly to the cotton ball or cloth, then rubbed in ear.  NOT FOR INTERNAL USE!

-For severe problems, apply twice daily for 2 weeks, then once daily for one week.

-Always apply after swimming.

-For maintenance of healthy ears, use weekly.

Other Uses: Apply with cotton ball to toes and nail beds where excessive licking is a problem. May also be applied to hot spots and minor skin eruptions.

CAUTION: Keep away from children. KEEP OUT OF EYES. Will stain hair, carpet, walls, and clothing.

Made in the USA.